The Studio

Yogacita has been created to provide the perfect environment for practicing yoga. The warehouse space at the Old Gun Factory has been sympathetically converted , retaining much of it's original character; from the open brickwork to the immense furnace chimney that spans one corner of the studio. The communal areas are low level lit, warm and inviting with associated ambient smells for each area. By contrast, the changing rooms convey industrial chic with top of the range copper rainwater showers and full locker room facilities. Everything is provided from essential oil toiletries, to hairdryers and straighteners so you can go straight to the office from an early morning, to brunch from a mid-morning class or out to dinner after an evening session.  2 hours free on street parking also means you can drive to class without worry. Somebody will be manning the desk from half an hour before class begins, just ring the bell and they'll let you in.

The studio itself is heated to a moderate 32 degrees Celcius, so hot but not too hot! The ventilation system brings fresh air in and heats it to the ambient temperature, keeping the room well oxygenated. Our state of the art heating system uses infra red panel heaters hung from the ceiling so it feels like you are lying on a beach in a tropical paradise! Doing yoga in a hot room increases your sense of peace, relaxes your body and enhances your ability to get lost in your practice.

If we still haven't convinced you to give hot yoga a try, then there are a number of non-hot classes; the yin, sivananda and candlelit classes are all practiced in a warm room. Recently added to the timetable is Rebecca Stewart's Yin Yang dynamic flow as a non-hot class on a Tuesday evening. 

Mats, towels, water and sundries are all available for hire or purchase.

The classes

The timetable is varied and runs 7 days a week, currently offering 18 classes with 14 regular teachers. Regardless of the type of yoga, each teacher will bring something different to class so it is worth trying them all to get an idea of which ones you prefer. The introductory offer is perfect for this as it gives you unlimited classes over a 30 day period to really try every one out.

There are three beginners classes for the newbie, or for the more experienced who want to get back to basics. The five non-hot classes are also good introductions to yoga: yin yang dynamic yoga is a mixture of yin poses and a flow sequence; yin is a gentle practice with postures all taking place on the mat and held for a number of minutes, deep mat-based stretching; sivananda focuses heavily on the breath, moving through some postures and inversions and ending with a long period of relaxation; and the Thursday evening candlelit is a gentle restorative practice, whilst the Friday night candlelit takes the form of a strong but slow flow. 

Hatha classes tend to hold postures longer and focus on finding stillness in each. Vinyasa flow classes move more steadily through the ashtanga series of postures, raising the heart rate and getting the blood pumping. 

Whatever your level, most classes should be accessible to you. All our teachers encourage you to take it at your own level, rest whenever needed and give modifications to the postures. If you have any injury or medical condition, your teacher will be able to tailor the class to your needs.